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Make Affiliate Program

Make an affiliate program for your business and experience the power of affiliate marketing!

What is an affiliate program?

With an affiliate program you can have other people advertising your business and selling your products. The biggest difference from regular online advertisements is that you only pay for the advertisement when people buy your products. How much you wish to pay is entirely up to you and your business alone, but keep in mind that a healthy commission will encourage more people to participate in your affiliate program and spend more time making good advertisements for your products or services. A general thumb rule is to pay as much as you can afford while still making profit from the direct sales part of the affiliate program. Simply calculate how much of a sale you can give out as affiliate commission while still making a satisfactional profit.

Expand the reach of your business

By engaging in affiliate marketing your business will not only profit by making more sales directly from affiliate referrals. Your brand / business will generally get alot more publicity online from eagerly affiliate marketers and webmasters that put up your advertisements and write about your products / services. This may increase brand equity and awareness which will greatly benefit your business in the long run. What are you waiting for? Follow in the footsteps of many a great business that already are benefiting from affiliate marketing. The costs of activating an affiliate program for your business is minimal and there is little or no risk involved!

Get started with affiliate marketing

To make an affiliate program you need to have a good affiliate tracking software that makes handling your affiliate program and affiliates easy. You also need to rely on the solution to provide accurate stats and lots of functions to attract affiliate marketeers. You don't want to spend alot on modifying ang tweaking the affiliate software to fit your needs. Try something that is already tested thoroughly by successful businesses for many years.

Affiliate Program Software

Make your affiliate program worth promoting

You need to get ahold of professionaly designed banners to get as many as possible to come and pay your business a visit. This will also help you to get new affiliates who actively promote since most people like to have great looking ads on their sites. A professional banner can cost anywhere between $10 to $100 and you need to find out how much you can afford to spend on this. You should at least have a few different designs in alot of different sizes. The most popular affiliate banner sizes is well the same sizes is 125 x 125 px and 468 x 60 px. In addition to these you should also offer other big and small horizontal ads, vertical ads and square ads. Most affiliates first priority is the amount of money being payed out to them for each sale they make and then wether they will get payed in the future if that same customer is returning at a later time to buy more products. Affiliates will also greatly analyze if your website looks great compared to other similar sites and what kind of marketing tools (like banners) you got to offer.

Advertise your affiliate program and get more visibility

To get affiliates promoting your products you obviosly need to let them know that you are offering an affiliate program. The first thing you should do is to add a link to your affiliate program that is visible on all pages of your website. Also make sure that your affiliate program web page contains clear information as to what great benefits your program is offering all affiliates. When your affiliate program is ready to really convert visitors into new affiliates that will send you their beloved visitors and pay to advertise your business with adwords you should make sure you are easy to find for affiliates that are interested in promoting your products. There are many free affiliate program directories where you can add your program. Then you can register at some affiliate marketing forums and advertise for free there. And finally for maximum exposure you also want to advertise your affiliate program with adwords and/or similar search engine PPC. Make sure that you pay enough to get a good placement for the search phrases / keywords that affiliates search for when they are looking for your kinds of affiliate programs.

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